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Free to a good home! Man forced to choose between dog and girlfriend had an idea for REVENGE

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When his girlfriend told him he had to choose between her or his beloved dog, a man from Roanoke, Va., did the only thing he felt he could do, and put an advertisement on Craigslist.

Posting a picture of his beagle, the man set out to let go his companion of 4 years to “any willing home.”

“She’s is a purebred from a wealthy area,” he wrote in the posting, adding though that she is not totally trained and “yaps” while he tries to sleep.

“Only eats the best, and most expensive food,” he wrote.

He also warned that she “does not bite but she can be mean as hell.”

But he wasn’t talking about the dog.


He and his beagle have decided it is time to find his girlfriend a new home, but judging by the posting it might be a tough sell. Unconditional love is not her strong suit, and she is apparently “high maintenance.”

According to Fox News, the unidentified man later updated the post, saying “she has been returned to her original breeders,” her parents.

His girlfriend probably should have thought a little harder about who is man’s best friend before making her ultimatum.

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