Disturbing YouTube video shows how trusting children are of complete strangers

A Staten Island YouTube star set out to see just how trusting children are of complete strangers.

And the results are frightening.

Joey Salads, who performs pranks and social experiments on YouTube, came up with a plan to inform parents about the need to discuss the danger of strangers with their children.

Working with the knowledge and consent of the parents, Salads knocked on the doors of multiple homes to see just how easy it was for a potential attacker to convince kids to let him in their parent’s house.

As it turns out, it wasn’t difficult at all.

At the first house he visited, a young boy opened the door, despite not recognizing Salads.

“Is your mom home?” Salad asked.

When the boy said she was in the shower, Salad claimed to be a friend and asked if he can wait inside. Without any hesitation, the little boy let him in.

The same scene took place as Salads repeated the experiment on other homes.

The video is one of many Salads has done to raise awareness about how vulnerable children – and adults – are to potential attackers. In May, Salads performed a similar experiment where he tested the “don’t talk to strangers” lesson on a playground.

In that video Salads used a puppy to lure children from the area, shocking parents who had agreed to the test.

In some cases, the kids walked with him holding his hand.

Salads ended both videos with a warning for parents to teach their children about the dangers of strangers. After watching the video, however, Salad’s verbal warnings almost seem understated.

His eye opening videos show the scenarios that parents worry about every day. His message, and the lesson he is trying to teach, cannot be repeated enough in today’s world.

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