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Tired, hungry burglar eats chicken wings, falls asleep in victims’ home; wakes up to gun barrel

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This guy needs to learn to eat and run.

A burglar who broke into a home in Manchester, N.H., while a couple slept inside would likely have gotten clean away if he hadn’t decided to lay down first in a guest bedroom.

When he woke up he was looking at the barrel of a gun.

According to Fox 25 in Boston, Renaud “Junior” Plaisir had managed to ransack his victims’ home Tuesday night – and even scarfed down some leftover chicken wings – before taking a break in a first floor bedroom.

When homeowner John Terrell woke up about 6 a.m. he found a strange pair of shoes in the hallway, Fox 25 reported. When he looked in the guest room, he saw Plaisir, sacked out with a knife in his back pocket.

“John woke me up and said there is a guy asleep in the blue bedroom,” Elinor Terrell told the station. “And I said, are you sure? And he said, ‘here are his sneakers!'”

While Elinor called the police, John Terrell woke Plaisir up and held him at gunpoint until the cops got there.

According to Fox 25, Plaisir’s backpack contained credit cards and jewelry, possibly from other burglaries.

“I guess we were his last hit of the night and I guess he was tired, and he laid down and went to sleep,” Elinor Terrell said.

No rest for the weary.


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