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Supreme Court has twitter page? SCOTUS blog plays along with hilarious tweets

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Every year at about this time, Supreme Court watchers antsy about upcoming decisions start tweeting @SCOTUSblog to get answers directly from the high court.

But the highest court in the land doesn’t have a blog — it doesn’t have a Twitter account, or for that matter any social media account whatsoever.

Although the account has the disclaimer, “Seriously, only a private blog about the Supreme Court of the U.S. Not the Justices,” many Twitter users nonetheless think they’re tweeting the court — and the results can be hilarious.

The court is expected to rule on same-sex marriage next week — some say Monday. And the blog replied to nervous Nellies on both sides of the issue in the form of an MT, or modified tweet, with the response preceding the original tweet.

Another hot button issue that’s predicted to be announced by the court on Friday is the provision of Obamacare governing subsidies.

Leaked Freddie Gray autopsy report shows why Mosby wanted it to stay secret!

A plain reading of the act would indicate that subsidies are only available to those purchasing a health care plan through a state exchange. But the Justice Department argued that that wasn’t the intent.

The blog also responded to claims that the high court is racist.

And when critics think they’re complaining directly to the court for one of its recent decisions, the replies can be just as funny.

Finally, the tweets coming from those who are shocked at the replies they believe are coming from the Supreme Court can be just as hilarious:

H/T: Business Insider

Leaked Freddie Gray autopsy report shows why Mosby wanted it to stay secret!


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