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Krauthammer calls removal of Confederate flag ‘standard liberal impulse’ to do something ‘irrelevant’

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Calls to remove the Confederate flag are nothing but a “standard liberal impulse” that will accomplish nothing, conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer said Tuesday.

“Had the flag not existed or not been on the grounds of the (South Carolina) capital, this massacre would have happened in any case,” Krauthammer said on Fox News’ “Special Report” Tuesday. “But it’s the standard liberal impulse.”

“Something happened really bad. So there’s gotta be a problem and there has to be a solution, we must do something,” Krauthammer said, mimicking the liberal thought process. “Even if the ‘something’ is entirely irrelevant.”

Krauthammer added that the same could be said of the president’s push to impose more restrictions on the Second Amendment.

“Had all the laws Obama wanted to pass passed, it would have made no difference whatsoever. But that’s instinct: ‘Don’t just stand there do something,’ when Reagan advised, ‘don’t just do something, stand there,’” he said.

But if liberals don’t use this tragedy to push their social agenda how can they pander to their base?

Carmine Sabia


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