Former SNL comedian Maya Rudolph does hilarious Rachel Dolezal impersonation

Actress and comedian Maya Rudolph, known for her picture-perfect impersonations during her rise to prominence on “Saturday Night Live,” did a spot-on impression this week of Rachel Dolezal, the white NAACP chapter president who passed herself off as black.

In an appearance Monday on “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” Rudolph said she’s often been asked to do impersonations since leaving “SNL” in 2007. Dolezal’s name has topped the list lately, she said.

“When you leave ‘SNL,’ sometimes things will happen in the news and people will say, ‘Oh my God, it’s such a shame that you’re not there,'” Meyers said. “You have to have been getting this a lot lately.”

“It happens to me,” Rudolph admitted. “Every. Day.”

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After Rudolph and Meyers watched a short news clip of Dolezal, they gave it a go.

The result was perfection.


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