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Dashcam video released: Drama — and celebration — as cops nail suspected church killer

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Footage released Tuesday of the roadside arrest of suspected church killer Dylann Roof makes clear just how tense the officers pursuing America’s most wanted man were – and how relieved they were when the job was done.

The edited video as it was presented Wednesday on “Fox & Friends” includes recordings of exchanges between officers and the dispatch office in Shelby, N.C.

The officers approach with guns drawn — the first indication that it’s not an every day traffic stop. One even keeps his weapon out while Roof is frisked, holstering it only when the suspected killer is cuffed and ready to be moved to a patrol car.

Then there’s the other sign this isn’t a regular stop: officers fist-bumping and high-fiving at the peaceful arrest of a man probably no one expected to be taken quietly.

You don’t see that every day either.



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