Coulter: Confederate flag debate is ‘completely moronic’

To liberals, the Confederate flag is shaping up as the next cause celebre after last week’s murders in a black church in Charleston, S.C., but to conservative author and columnist Ann Coulter, the whole argument over the flag is  “completely moronic.”

“This is an awful thing that happened in Charleston,” she told “Washington Journal” host John McArdle on C-SPAN, adding drily that “luckily it’s quite rare.”

She suggested that instead of banning the Confederate flag, the country ought to ban the Democratic Patty.

“They were the ones who supported segregation for a hundred years,” she said.

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“If you want to do something nice for black people, how about ending immigration, which is dumping millions of low-wage workers on the country and taking jobs away from African-Americans, as innumerable studies have shown,” Coulter said.

She said that contrary to what she keeps hearing on MSNBC, South Carolina did not adopt the Confederate flag as a protest against civil rights legislation, but rather to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the start of the Civil War.

“In 1962, it was Democrats who were opposing Eisenhower and Nixon’s aggressive civil rights laws,” she said.


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