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Professor pushes gender-neutral ‘Parent’s Day’; Kardashian Father’s Day pic says it all

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As most of America celebrated Father’s Day on Sunday, an adjunct professor at Georgetown University took to Twitter to call for replacing the “gendered” holiday.

"Caitlyn" Jenner celebrates Father's Day with family and friends
“Caitlyn” Jenner celebrates Father’s Day with family and friends

Preston Mitchum told his Twitter followers that America shouldn’t focus on celebrating fatherhood, because not everyone has a male father figure.

It isn’t just Father’s Day Mitchum seems to have a problem with. In May he made it clear that Mother’s Day was also an issue, as it conditions people to think about “womanhood” in a specific way.

Mitchum, who describes himself as “queer” and “feminist” on his Twitter page (surprise!), has been a strong advocate of the LGBT movement. When Bruce Jenner announced his “transformation” into someone named “Caitlyn,” Mitchum was one of the many progressive “social justice” warriors who was worried that America only accepted Jenner’s new gender because of “white privilege.”

“What I’m trying not to do, however, is discount Caitlyn’s story because of her privileges… but instead use her story to challenge you, me, us about owning our messed up ways of only standing up for people when they are wealthy, not of color, republican [sic], and who has [sic] access to a plethora of resources,” Mitchum wrote in a series of tweets, according to Campus reform.

Mitchum’s obsession with white privilege, gender roles, and LGBT issues doesn’t change the fact that fathers and mothers are still biologically, and socially, different from one another. Celebrating their role in a child’s life isn’t bigoted or narrow-minded.

It’s actually pretty normal.

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