Police criticized for making Burger King run for Dylann Roof following his arrest

BK-roofPolice officers are being harshly criticized in America for the way they treat citizens, but the compassion shown toward Dylann Roof, the alleged killer of nine African-American churchgoers in Charleston, S.C., is drawing a different kind of scrutiny from those looking for softer, gentler cops.

After being arrested in Shelby, N.C., 16 hours after Wednesday night’s attack, Roof complained of being hungry, according to Shelby police Chief Jeff Ledford.

With the FBI handling the questioning of the suspect, the role of the local police was limited to a burger run, the Charlotte Observer reported:

In Shelby, the FBI handled Roof’s initial questioning, Ledford said. Shelby police’s lone conversation with the mass-murder suspect was about food. Earlier in the day, Roof had bought water and chips at a south Charlotte gas station. Now he was hungry. Police bought him food from a nearby Burger King, Ledford said.

The police chief said other than being hungry, the man who has since admitted to shooting and killing nine fellow human beings was “very calm.”

“He was very quiet, very calm. He didn’t talk,” Ledford said. “He sat down here very quietly. He was not problematic.”

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While putting some thought into planning the attack, Roof did not appear to have a plan on what to do afterwards, the Observer reported:

While being held at the Shelby Police Department, Roof told authorities that he had been planning the attack for a long time and targeted the church because of its history, a source told WBTV. He said he was headed to Nashville after the shootings because he had “never been there before.”

The newspaper added that Roof was arrested three miles from where his sister’s fiance lives — the couple were to be married Sunday, but cancelled the wedding in the wake of the shooting. It’s not known whether Roof went to the home, or was on his way there.

Police are being vilified on social media for the burger run. Here’s a sampling of responses from the racial grievance crowd pushing the myth of “white privilege,” as seen on Twitter:

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