Piers Morgan calls for jail time for white N-word users, like S. Africa does for K-word

Ex-CNN host and big-government minion, Piers Morgan is catching a firestorm on social media after he let it be known how he thinks America should handle those who use the “N-word” – by putting them in jail.

The punishment, as Morgan stated, would strictly be for “white people.” In other words, President Obama and CNN anchor Don Lemon are off the hook for their recent use of the taboo term.

Unfortunately for the British Morgan, he’s not an American citizen, so he might not understand the whole Constitution thing.

No doubt, the vast majority of Americans agree the “N-word” is often used as a racist term and never speak it. But to deem a word illegal, punishable by incarceration, is short-sighted “thinking” at its worst and goes against the liberty protected under the First Amendment.

Not because Americans want to protect racist, hurtful language, but because they want to defend the right to say anything they want to say, no matter how offensive.

In Morgan’s world of make-believe, everyone would be forced by the government into a coma-like state of submission, perhaps thinking he’d finally feel comfortable in his own white skin.

But “comfortable” he couldn’t have been feeling after tweeting his “brilliant” idea. The constitutional schooling was immediate and harsh.

Not this Brit anyway.

Now, there’s an idea some could get behind.

That’s right. And Morgan has no shame in that apparently.

It’s called free speech, and there’s no better way to tell who the jerks, racists, and idiots are than to let them talk freely.

Get it Morgan? I didn’t think so.

Morgan instead used the example of South Africa banning a racist term they describe as the the “K-word.”

It’s only a matter of time.


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