Nashville tourist bar removes pinup girl wearing Confederate flag bikini art after Facebook brouhaha

A mayoral candidate has asked a popular tourist bar and grill in Nashville to remove a painting of a pinup girl wearing a Confederate flag bikini after a Facebook campaign tried to associate him with the Confederate imagery.

Nashville’s Acme Feed & Seed has agreed to remove the artwork after critics blasted the establishment – and a mayoral candidate who is an investor with the bar and grill – for supporting the “hateful” image of the Confederate flag.

Charles Robert Bone requested the removal of the painting last week after a Facebook page surfaced with a Photoshopped picture of him appearing next to the controversial artwork, according to The Tennessean.


The establishment’s owner told The Tennessean that the piece was never intended to be hateful, or supportive of racist beliefs.

“It is unfortunate the full context and story behind [the artwork] failed to be recognized in this instance,” he said. “We apologize for any distress this may have caused.”

The artist, who goes by Shelia B., blasted the politically correct move, saying her artwork is simply representative of southern culture.

“Anyone that has a vision, and not a set of blinders on, can view my artwork and see that there is a message that is not divisive,” she said. “I have a message of inclusion. It is social commentary, and anyone seeing my work as anything other than opposing a divisive culture is delusional and s***-stirring at best.”

The Facebook page that started the controversy cropped out the inscription on the artwork that read, “Every kind-hearted soul welcome! Mean folks stay away.”

That “hateful” message was apparently too much for a Nashville mayoral candidate to defend.

Michael Schaus


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