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‘Meet the Press’ grovels after showing black killers in prison; Chuck Todd folds like a tent

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In the end, Chuck Todd just couldn’t handle Soledad O’Brien.

The in-over-his-head moderator of “Meet the Press” tried to put up a brave front after the once-iconic Sunday news show aired a segment on killers at New York’s Sing Sing prison and their reflections on the consequences of their crime.

The problem for “Meet the Press” is that the segment featured only black men. And with the air filled with talk of the white Dylann Storm Roof’s murders of nine black churchgoers in Charleston, the liberals went bananas.

At first, Todd tried to tough it out. He posting a lengthy statement on the “Meet the Press” Facebook page explaining that the prisoners who were featured were volunteers for the show (their victims probably weren’t) and that the segment was scheduled before Wednesday night’s massacre reminded the country that white people kill, too.

Like any good liberal, he got self-righteous at the end: “As I say to all audiences, ‘Meet the Press’ should make all viewers uncomfortable at some point or we are not doing our job. ”


But that was before Soledad O’Brien stepped in. The one-time CNN broadcaster and anti-gun propagandist now drawing a paycheck from Al Jazeera America posted a tweet taking Todd to the woodshed.

And that was it for Chuck.

See, Chuck Todd and the crew at “Meet the Press” probably did believe that self-righteous spiel Todd laid out — that a news show will by nature make “all viewers uncomfortable” at some point.

What it learned Sunday was that the media isn’t allowed to make liberal viewers uncomfortable. It’s damn close to not being allowed to make black people uncomfortable.

And what it definitely can’t do is make Soledad O’Brien uncomfortable.

That would be “just inappropriate.”

Check out the segment that caused all the trouble here.



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