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Escaped killer’s chilling video boasts: ‘This is the face of a maniac!’

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Talk about a killer grin.

A home movie starring one of the two convicted killers still on the loose after breaking out of a maximum security prison in New York shows that even before Richard Matt murdered and dismembered his former boss, his friends knew he was something special.

“This is my friend Ricky Matt right here, he’s a freaking crazy lunatic maniac,” a man says on the 8 mm movie obtained by ABC News.

“This is the face of a maniac!”

ABC US News | World News

The movie shows the unidentified camera operator taking a loaded blow dart gun from Matt’s hands and shooting a needle into the psychopath’s unflinching arm.

“Let’s dip these in AIDS blood, and we’ll put a patent on them and sell as deadly weapons,” Matt tells the camera after the needle is removed.

Matt and fellow convicted killer David Sweat remain at large after their June 6 escape from the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, N.Y.

Hundreds state and federal cops have been combing the woods for weeks in northern New York and pursuing leads like the possible sighting of one of the men near a hunting cabin in the Mountain View area, about 25 miles from the prison.

Those cops aren’t carrying blow guns.

H/T: New York Daily News



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