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Don Lemon freaks people out with giant on-air UNCENSORED N-word sign; see what Obama started . . .

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It’s been a tough week for CNN’s anchorman Don Lemon.

After the massacre that killed nine churchgoers in Charleston, S.C., Lemon was relentlessly heckled during a live news clip while covering the attack.

Now he’s feeling the wrath from teams of angry viewers after holding two divisive props on Monday – a sign that boldly read “N**ger” and the Confederate flag.

Lemon picked up the flag that has been at the center of recent controversy and asked his viewers, “Does this offend you?”

“Is it a symbol of Southern pride, or a symbol of hate?” he asked.

Lemon was getting ready to discuss the appropriateness of the Confederate flag being flown on the grounds of South Carolina’s state capital. Gov. Nikki Haley earlier that day ordered that the flag be removed.

Lemon continued, holding up a sign reading “N**ger.”

“What about this? Does this offend you?”

Lemon used that poorly chosen prop to reiterate the fact that President Obama used the word during a recent radio interview. Obama drew the anger of some critics for his continual divisive rhetoric, but his use of the taboo word was largely dismissed.

Lemon, however, is not the president.

A large segment of Lemon’s viewership took to Twitter to complain about the props “Uncle Tom Don” used.


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