Pastor says black Christians plotting out how to BURY white supremacy

It didn’t take long for the race hustlers to start pinning the Charleston church massacre on all of white society.

Take the appearance by New York’s Middle Church Pastor Jacqui Lewis on MSNBC with host Melissa Harris-Perry Sunday, where Lewis identified America’s “racist culture” as the “real killer.”

“This man pulled a gun, but all of this culture — this racist culture and the systemic racism that mars all [of] our lives, I think, is the real murderer,” she said.

She also described what “black Christianity” — which is apparently not the same as the regular variety — has to do.

“What I think is happening right now, even right now, is you’re feeling the sense of ‘How are we gonna mobilize? What’s the next thing we do? How are we gonna bury white supremacy,’” she said. “And how are gonna take that [Confederate] flag down, the symbol of oppression.”

Because taking a flag down will somehow save countless lives.

Carmine Sabia


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