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Florida sex offenders’ rehab facility sells toys for children at yard sale

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What’s wrong with a yard sale selling Legos, stuffed animals and other children’s toys?

Nothing, Unless that yard sale is hosted by a rehabilitation center for sex offenders.

The Lighthouse Mission in Apopka, Fla., home to 26 offenders, came under fire from neighbors for selling the children’s favorites at its yard sale Saturday, WFTV reported.

Gloria Hoffpauir, who runs the facility with her mother, said the offenders are not classified as predators and offered a strange analogy when WFTV reporter Janine Reyes asked her if a sign should be posted outside letting patrons know the type of facility it is before they bring their children there to shop.

“It doesn’t say anywhere, ‘you’re entering a premise where there (are) 26 registered sex offenders,’” Reyes said.

“Why should it? I don’t have it in front of my house that I’m on disability,” Hoffpauir said.

No, but your disability is not a danger to the community.

From WFTV:

Hoffpauir said the sex offenders do not sell the items, but they do help set up the sale and move items.

“So they could be out here while there are children here?” Reyes asked Hoffpauir.

“Kids don’t come up here by themselves. Their parents are with them,” Hoffpauir said.

Nearby residents said it’s not right.

“I just don’t want kids to be around violators,” neighbor Stephen Vasquez said.

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