Cops are ‘punching bags!’ Thugs assault NYPD officers while crowd gathers in street

A video of two New City police officers being attacked by bystanders while making an arrest is taking the Internet by storm – and showing just how far civil society has deteriorated after six years of relentless attacks from the highest offices in the land.

A New York City police union official on Sunday told a New York talk radio station that the country’s leadership — that would be President Obama, former Attorney General Eric Holder and the rest – had made life more dangerous for cops on the beat.

“Our leadership, from the president on down, has sent the message that law enforcement across the country are the bad guys,” Sergeant Benevolent Protective Association President Ed Mullins said, according to the New York Post.

“And ultimately have sent the message to the criminal element that it’s OK to carry firearms, that it’s OK to resist arrest.

This video — civilians punching officers trying to make arrests, suspects grabbing at officers’ guns — is what he was talking about.

It’s how people get killed.


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