Associated Press takes aim at Ted Cruz with gun-to-the-head photo; where’s the outcry from left?

Continuing its Obama Era effort to disgrace the name of a once-trusted news organization, The Associated Press on Sunday ran a photo of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz artfully placed in front of a gun poster – so the barrel of a handgun was pointed right at Cruz’s head.


Ah, the wit! The edginess! Almost enough to make you forget The Associated Press once aspired to something called journalism before it became a liberal propaganda shop for the Obama progressives.

Not that there’s anything new about the mainstreamers using photos to make Republicans and conservatives look ridiculous. It’s like a game with them and has been for a very long time.

(Anyone remember when former Attorney General John Ashcroft had the statue “Spirit of Justice” covered with a toga at the Justice Department? The media had a lot of fun with it then, saying how it proved what a prude he was. Most of the Washington press corps knew, though, that getting a frame with a breast and John Ashcroft’s face had been a game for Washington photographers. That part didn’t make the toga stories though.)

So the propaganda isn’t new to the Obama Era — but the photo of Cruz, one of the front-runners for the Republican nomination and surely the most vocal opponent of the president in Congress today — shows that the AP plans on continuing to run its own credibility into the ground.

And social media noticed.

Actually, you can expect to get a statement from the AP — if it deigns to comment — claiming that the photo had no political message — and probably a bunch of sites blaming right-wing paranoia for the irritation over the picture.

It ain’t going to fly.

For shame is exactly right.

And shameless.


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