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VIRAL VIDEO: 12-year-old SLAMS Obama for using church shooting to push gun agenda

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CJ Pearson, a 12-year-old who’s used to using social media to make trouble beyond his years, has shredded President Obama again — this time for politicizing the murders at a Charleston church.

Pearson blasted the president’s cynical decision to use of the tragedy and the lives of the victims to push his left wing anti-gun agenda.

“These people lost their mother, some people lost their dad, they lost someone who they really cared about,” Pearson said. “And you’re gonna sit there, and you’re gonna walk up to the podium and you’re gonna talk about how the Second Amendment doesn’t matter and how you have the solution to this by taking their guns away?

“Well here’s a news flash for you,” he said. “You’re blatantly wrong.”

Pearson said after the tragedy at Sandy Hook what reassured him was that there was an armed guard at his school.

“Unlike you, President Obama, I realize that criminals, they don’t abide by the law,” he said. “It’s one of the reason they’re criminals.”

He added that it isn’t guns that kill people but “stupid people kill people.”

“We don’t go out and take away everyone’s cars after a stupid person gets a DUI,” Pearson said. “Because that stupid person’s actions aren’t representative of everyone who drives a car.

“So why is some lunatic who clearly lacks a stable mental state representative of every gun toting American,” he asked. “You’re presidency has been pathetic and this is one testament to it. When you take someone’s lives and you completely discount the tragedy of their lives being taken away from them and you use it to further your own agenda.”

Pearson ended the video by offering his condolences to the people of Charleston, S.C.

Carmine Sabia


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