Talk radio host calls Marco Rubio ‘Hillary’s worst nightmare’; here’s why

Echoing what some polls have already shown, conservative talk radio host Hugh Hewitt said Sunday that Marco Rubio is the best option the GOP has to defeat likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

Hewitt was a guest on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” and was asked by host Chuck Todd if he agreed with a “growing Washington consensus that Marco Rubio is the toughest potential nominee.”

“In ‘The Queen,’ I write that he is Hillary’s worst nightmare, for a variety of reasons,” Hewitt said of his new book.

“One, he’s connected — I’ll tell you this — whenever I see Rubio give a speech, the wait staff comes out to listen,” he added. “That’s very rare, particularly in a Republican thing.

“That’s because you look around, and Rubio is their kid,” he continued. “It’s an amazing thing to see.”

He said a similar thing happens when fellow Republican presidential contender Ted Cruz speaks.

“They will come forward to listen to this son of immigrants who has made it so well,” Hewitt said of Mexican-Americans and other immigrants in California working as wait staff.

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Hewitt touched on Rubio’s charisma.

“And he is so electric,” he told Todd. “He’s also a sports guy, and I can’t overstate how much I think this matters in American politics.

“To be able to talk about the Dolphins with felicity. To be able to talk about LeBron and to talk about Florida. It really does connect with average Americans.”

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