‘No Obama. No Sharpton.’ Charleston rejects racial hatemongers with #GoHomeDeray campaign

Wherever racial divisiveness rears its ugly head, you can be sure DeRay Mckesson is not far away.

After “successful” stops in Ferguson, Mo., Baltimore, Md., and McKinney, Texas, the next destination on Mckesson’s itinerary was Charleston, S.C.

Few have bothered to dig into who’s financing his traveling road show, which last stopped on Roosevelt Island in New York, after the Hillary Clinton campaign invited him to attend last week’s relaunch, although the odds of George Soros’ name cropping up are high.

Mckesson wasted little time pushing his message of hate, condemning an atmosphere of forgiveness in Charleston as being a result of “whiteness,” even though family of the nine African-Americans killed were the first to speak of forgiveness.

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But, according to the reaction on social media, it appears that South Carolina is not quite as receptive to his antics.

In fact, the push back against the race provocateur recently featured in The New York Times has been so pervasive, a #GoHomeDeRay hashtag is now trending.

Here’s sampling of responses from Twitter that suggests Mckesson and Co. are beginning to wear out their welcome, with God’s love triumphing over evil:

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236 thoughts on “‘No Obama. No Sharpton.’ Charleston rejects racial hatemongers with #GoHomeDeray campaign

  1. tbird90sc says:

    I’ve lived in the North for over 30 years. I lived in the South for a few years during that time as well. I can say from first hand experience the black folks in the South are so much more civilized and respectful I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. At first I thought it was just a few chance encounters with good people, but it kept happening. I really grew to like these folks, very friendly and community oriented. It made certain folks in the north looks like complete d-bags. Then I had to return home to the North, oh boy.

    1. Dennis The Menace says:

      But what about the “uncivilized” white folks? Are they NOT the ones responsible for years of cowardliness, racism and the attempted genocide of black Americans? Are they not the ones responsible for the murders of thousands of innocent black men, women and children? Are they not the ones responsible for years of oppression through segregation and racist policies? BUT YET you refer to blacks as the uncivilized” and “disrespectful”…. REALLY?

      1. wsurfs . says:

        You want to talk about genocide of black people? REALLY? TAKE a look at black on black crime…..including black abortion…those babies are murdered by their own mothers before they even have a chance to take their first breath…….!! Get some education.!

        1. Dennis The Menace says:

          The same could be said of white folks.

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  4. Antoine Fisher says:

    Lawdy why can’t we all get along. That means no yt’s telling us what to do, nomesayin?

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  8. mme Citizen says:

    Charleston is a beautiful city full of grace and charm. The people are the friendliest you will find anywhere. And the best part of all….they are one community! That means black, white, brown, yellow, straight, gay….they are one community! Good for Charleston for standing up to the hatemongers. Too bad everyone else doesn’t have the grace or common sense or strength of character to do the same.

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