Maybe THIS is keeping Hillary’s mouth shut about the Confederate flag

In a desperate attempt to politicize the tragic shooting in Charleston, S.C., and drive the black vote, liberals have zeroed in on the Confederate flag that flies in front of that state’s Capitol.

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But will the move backfire on them?

While the media is rushing to get the leading Republican presidential candidates on record on the flag controversy, one candidate has been eerily quiet — Hillary Clinton.

Even though the 2016 Democratic Party presidential contender was eager to comment on gun control immediately following the shooting.

It turns out there is good reason.

In 1987, then-Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton, her husband signed Act 116 that stated: “The blue star above the word “ARKANSAS” is to commemorate the Confederate States of America,” The Daily Caller reported.

And when the Confederate flag came up during the 2000 election, while Clinton was still president, Matt Drudge reported that the White House all but admitted that Clinton did little to remove the ‘confederate elements’ of the Arkansas state flag while he was governor.

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“I’ve just never heard any discussion or any objections that the president has raised,” White House press secretary Joe Lockhart said at the time.

Phil Kerpen, a leading free-market policy analyst and contributing editor for National Review Online, was among the first to draw the connection between the S.C. flag controversy and Hillary Clinton.

Here’s his tweet, along with a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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