Uber loses customers and respect over new no-gun policy; will they frisk?


The smart phone savvy, ride-sharing service Uber has banned its drivers and passengers from carrying firearms, with violators facing the penalty of losing access to the app.

Uber changed its policy from requiring drivers to abide by state and federal laws to a full gun ban on June 10, The Hill reported.

In a statement to the New Republic, Uber spokesman Matt McKenna said “We have adopted a no-firearms policy to ensure that both riders and drivers feel safe and comfortable on the platform.”

Conservatives took to Twitter to vent their own discomfort at Uber’s new policy.

Some pistol-carrying individuals thought they might start using Uber’s competitor, Lyft.

Sadly, Lyft also bans guns.

The best option may be to let your money do the talking.

One nagging question is vexing a few Twitter users: How will Uber determine if a passenger is carrying a gun?

Steve Berman


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