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Sheriff Joe to provide armed posse to protect black churches

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It’s Sheriff Joe to the rescue!

In response to concerns in the black community following the racially motivated attack in Charleston, S.C., earlier this week, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is rounding up a posse to protect black churches on Sunday.

Photo Source Fox10Phoenix.com

The sheriff, who was asked by Rev. Jarrett Maupin, a local minister and civil rights activist, to provide the protection, will send armed volunteer posse members into 60 black churches, according to The Arizona Republic.

“I am the elected sheriff of this county,” Arpaio said. “He asked me to help, and I’m going to help.”

The sheriff responded in a similar fashion in the aftermath of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012 that left 26 dead, providing security outside school grounds, according to USA Today.

Arpaio has faced intense scrutiny from the Obama administration’s Department of Justice for allegedly discriminating against Hispanics — or in layman’s terms, for enforcing immigration laws.

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shooting at church; what, it’s not Bush’s fault?

Maupin said he was not aware of any specific threats, but was concerned about the safety of the congregations.

“We do have a fear, a very real worry that the incidents that occurred in Charleston can happen here in Phoenix,” he told reporters.

The Republic reported that when told of a pastor’s concern that not all black churches in the county may want the beefed up security, Sheriff Joe responded as only he can.

“But I’ll tell you he’s going to get them (posse members) whether he likes them or not,” he replied.

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