Sen. Tim Scott to Obama: ‘What type of gun law would have made this situation not occur?’

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott has a question for President Obama after the president pushed the idea of more anti-gun legislation just hours after nine people were killed in a Charleston church.

“What type of gun law would have made this situation not occur?” Scott asked, appearing Friday on Fox News’ “The Kelly File.”

Scott said Obama was “off base” on his assessment, as shooter Dylann Roof had already broken existing gun laws by owning a gun as a felon and entering a church with a firearm.

The laws were already broken,” Scott said. “To suggest that there’s somehow a way for us to specifically stop this occurrence with gun legislation seems to be inconsistent with the facts as we know them on the ground.”

Scott argued that the gun laws we have aren’t working and if the gunman had obeyed the laws the shooting would have never happened.

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Carmine Sabia

Carmine Sabia

Carmine Sabia Jr started his own professional wrestling business at age 18 and went on to become a real estate investor. Currently he is a pundit who covers political news and current events.
Carmine Sabia


224 thoughts on “Sen. Tim Scott to Obama: ‘What type of gun law would have made this situation not occur?’

  1. Fastercat says:

    The first thing we should do is overturn the law that prohibits guns in SC churches.

    1. dalek1967 says:

      Yep. Since we know that gun control doesn’t work, start repealing gun control laws. Start with the most recent and work our way back, way back.

  2. Pan_Tadeusz says:

    ‘What type of gun law would have made this situation not occur?’

    Two laws: one that bans most “gun-free” killing zones and another that requires all children to take and pass a course in gun usage and safety sseveral times during their school career. Like a hunter’s safety course, it should include hands-on time – so that the children do not grow up being frightened subjects, and so they won’t faint when they join the armed forces and discover that they will be expected to protect themselves and others,

    Perhaps a third law, one that forbids any coverage of Karl Rove’s pronouncements. It might not stop crime, but it will make the world a more pleasant place.

    1. dalek1967 says:

      It is odd that those gun free zones turned into victim zones.

  3. Chuck says:

    The leader of a white-supremacist group mentioned in Dylann Roof’s manifesto donated tens of thousands of dollars to Republicans, including presidential candidates Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Rick Santorum, The Guardian reported Sunday. Earl Holt, president of the Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC), reportedly gave $65,000 to Republican campaign funds in recent years as he allegedly posted online that black people were “the laziest, stupidest, and most criminally inclined race in the history of the world.” Cruz’s presidential campaign said it would return all the money the senator has received from Holt. Roof, who is accused of killing nine people at a Charleston church, allegedly credits the CofCC with helping to radicalize him. 

    1. dalek1967 says:

      Do you want to talk about how much money George Soros gives to the Dems? That is the most racist individual in the world.

      1. Chuck says:

        Currently the gop is attached to all these white supremacy groups. Deflect all you want, the gop have a race problem. People of color will not vote for them. The old white men party

        1. dalek1967 says:

          I posted links to prove you wrong on that a bit ago. You know what. You are nothing but a liar. Nothing more. Just so you know, Cruz returned the money that was given to him. He doesn’t want anything to do with a person like that and neither do I.
          You are a disgrace to the country and that is if you are even a American to begin with, which I doubt.

    2. Fastercat says:

      Hillary would have kept the money.

      1. dalek1967 says:

        And said, “what difference does it make?” ROFL

  4. Mike says:

    Commie Progressive liberal scum don’t need a gun law just ban the 1st Amendment and eliminate churches and this would not have happened.

    We are governed by criminals not only the actual officials in public office but every time some dirt bag commits a crime, our elected dirt bags inflict another draconian law on honest citizens.

  5. Keith J Harting says:

    It’s not the guns or the gun laws. It’s dealing with family issues. To many split family. How can we influence any kind of values or disipline if the father is only present every other weekend. That not the only issue but it’s a big one. The main one is this country is turning it’s back on God.

    1. dalek1967 says:

      As it has been said before: We don’t have a gun problem, we have a value of life problem. You have a good point.

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