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Obama wants you to know he’s VERY serious as he leaves Hollywood glam for golf course

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Drawing upon a self-appointed moral superiority, President Obama responded to the tragic shooting in Charleston, S.C., by lecturing the country Friday on guns.

Not letting a crisis to go to waste, the president was quick to politicize the death of nine African-American churchgoers, saying America “has to feel a sense of urgency” about gun control.

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“It is not good enough simply to show sympathy,” he said.

Of course, Obama’s rebuke may have a little more merit were it not delivered while on his way to attend a fundraiser in the home of a Hollywood millionaire.

(The president, who also likes to lecture America on climate change, seeming oblivious to the carbon footprint laid out by Air Force One when jetting to the West Coast.)

Not only did Obama fly to California to attend a couple of ritzy fundraisers, he plans to get in a round of golf while there.

How’s that for showing sympathy?

Hillary blames Donald Trump for mass
shooting at church; what, it’s not Bush’s fault?

It’s enough to leave rational minded Americans wondering how in God’s name does Obama, the first African-American president, get away with this?

But he does.

Social media responded by pointing out the jaw-dropping audacity this man continues to display, confident that his media allies have his “six.”

Here’s a sampling from Twitter:

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