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Dylann Roof’s own uncle offers no sympathy: ‘I’d pull the switch myself’

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As America struggles to come to grips with the evil that possessed Dylann Roof, the suspected killer of nine African-American churchgoers in Charleston, S.C., is getting little compassion from his own family.

“He’ll get no sympathy from us, any of us,” uncle Carson Cowles told the Los Angeles Times in a telephone interview.

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Court affidavits released Friday show it was Roof’s father and an uncle who notified police and positively identified him as the person shown in surveillance photographs, according to WIS 10.

Cowles said he found out Roof was the suspect when he got a call from his sister Thursday morning, telling him to turn on the TV.

“I watched it for 10 minutes, trying to convince myself this is just a nightmare, and I need to wake up,” he said. “None of us saw it coming, but here we are, and there’s no turning back.”

Cowles said the family was repelled by what Roof is accused of doing, and he has already passed judgement on his nephew for it.

“He’s guilty as hell,” the uncle said.

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Not only that, but has Cowles has already sentenced him.

He told the Times that Roof is going to “ride the lightning” — a reference to the electric chair.

And he even volunteered to be the executioner.

“He’s going to pay for what he’s done,” Cowles said. “I’d pull the switch myself, if they’d let me.”

Though Cowles told other media sources that Roof’s father gave his son the gun for his 21st birthday, he would not respond to questions about that from the Times.

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