Dana Loesch shoots off brilliant rebuttal when guest tries to twist ‘serious data’ about gun laws

Blaze TV host Dana Loesch locked horns with liberal gun-grabber Nomiki Konst on “The Kelly File” Thursday night, with Loesch emphasizing that the accused mass murderer Dylann Roof, by law, wasn’t supposed to even possess a firearm.

Loesch noted that countries having strict gun control laws also experience mass shootings, pointing to an incident in Norway, “where they regulate guns quite heavily,” she said. Sixty-nine people were massacred, “and it played out on live television,” she added.

She also observed that had the law been followed, Roof’s history would have prevented him from possessing a firearm.

“In South Carolina, all you have to do is be charged with a felony to be declared illegitimate to carry, which he was in February of 2015. He was charged with a felony for drug possession,” Loesch said. “It was methamphetamines and cocaine. His father purchased a firearm for him for his 21st birthday, April 4, 2015. That could have been a straw man purchase, which is also a felony. He reportedly told someone that he stole the gun that he used in these murders. That’s also a felony.”

She emphasized, “Felony, felony, felony.”

Kelly observed that legally-owned guns have been used in the past to save lives, bringing up a recent Oklahoma incident where a firearm prevented a woman from being decapitated.

Konst brushed it off as anecdotal.

“Anecdotes are fascinating, but they’re not data,” she said. “And we do have very serious data that backs up that gun reform does prevent murders, massive murders — 49 of the 60 massive murders that we’ve had in our country have been due to illegal and legal purchasing of gun.”
Kelly saw a flaw in Konst’s logic.

“If it’s illegal, how is another law going to prevent it?” she asked.

“Let me clarify, meaning, passing on, such as this situation, where it was gifted or stolen,” Konst replied.

Loesch intervened.

“And it’s illegal, it’s a straw man purchase!”

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