Obama makes colossal Freudian slip in Hollywood fundraiser speech!

Mr. President, meet Sigmund Freud.

President Barack Obama made a slip of the tongue at a Hollywood fundraiser Thursday night when he implied he was a prison inmate.

He made the mistake at the Beverly Hills home of actor-filmmaker Tyler Perry.

With only a year-and-a-half left of his presidency, Obama’s thoughts are no doubt turning to life after the White House.

“We should be reforming our criminal justice system in such a way that we are not incarcerating nonviolent offenders in ways that render them incapable of getting a job after they leave office,” [emphasis added] the president said, according to The Hill.

The group of high-powered actors, directors and film industry moguls reportedly broke into laughter and applause at this remark.

“Little slip of the tongue there. Little Freudian slip,” he said. “Tyler is going to give me a job once I leave.”

Freudian or not, folks on Twitter loved it. A few examples:

And now, for my all-time personal favorite:

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