Live CNN coverage hijacked by angry heckler: ‘White people are terrorist . . . Obama’s an Uncle Tom!’

Things got really tense during a live CNN clip on Thursday when a woman started screaming incendiary comments shortly after Dylann Storm Roof was arrested for the massacre of nine innocent people in a historic black church in Charleston, S.C.

“White people are terrorists!” the woman is heard yelling as CNN reporter John Berman was trying to describe the scene in Charleston.

“There’s a lot of heartbreak to go around in the city today,” Berman said before he was repeatedly interrupted.

“No, we’re mad! We’re angry,” the woman who was off shot at the time could be heard shouting.

She challenged Berman to tell the truth. Berman made a brief attempt to acknowledge her anger, but it didn’t placate her.

Fellow CNN reporter, Don Lemon was also subjected to the woman’s wrath. Somehow she managed to wedge her way in between the reporters, making her way on screen.

“I can understand why people are upset,” Lemon said.

“Oh, really, Don? Really Don?” the woman said.

Berman and Lemon managed to ignore the woman until she brought President Obama into the mix.

“The president’s a puppet! Stop the lies!” she yelled.

“He’s an Uncle Tome too. President Obama’s an Uncle Tom,” she yelled.

Finally the CNN hosts said they were going to cut to a break before the woman urged “black folks get off your knees and start praying.”



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