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Lindsey Graham reveals niece’s connection to ‘sick, twisted’ alleged murderer

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Sen. Lindsey Graham has deep roots in his home state of South Carolina – so deep they connect him with Dylann Roof, who allegedly slew nine innocent churchgoers at a historic black church in Charleston on Wednesday night.

Graham spoke on “Fox & Friends” on Friday to explain his loose connection to Roof.

“Apparently, my niece Emily was in eighth-grade English with him and went to high school with him for a while,” Graham said.

His niece described Roof as “strange, quiet, and withdrawn.” Graham added that “everyone thought he was on drugs.”

Roof eventually dropped out of high school in ninth grade.

Graham said he wants Americans to remember that the citizens of Charleston are overwhelmingly “solid” and “understanding.”

“[Roof] doesn’t represent anything more than just being a sick twisted 21-year-old,” Graham said. “If his goal was to start a race riot, he failed miserably because everybody in this state is grieving together.”


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