Former Secret Service agent : All church members need to ‘prepare to defend themselves’

As sad as the thought is, it may be time for churches, typically welcoming and open to everyone, to employ armed security to keep their congregations safe.

Former Secret Service agent Tim Miller appeared on “Fox & Friends” on Friday and echoed the words of Bishop E.W. Jackson, who told Fox that pastors and churchgoers need to “prepare to defend themselves.”

“We do have very real threats, as we’ve seen across the country, and I think it’s time to look afresh and anew at how we protect our congregations and our children because it’s not gonna change in the near future,” Miller told Fox. “Unfortunately, it’s probably going to get worse.”

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Police departments nationwide are now sending protection to historically black churches, but Miller said it is up to those in the congregations to defend themselves and their churches.

“I’d like to train congregations that church security is a team sport. Everybody’s on the church security team,” Miller said. “When you begin to shift their mindsets, then you have infinitely more resources brought to the battle. And certainly we need professional security and now’s the time to do that.

“I think there needs to be a fundamental mindset shift. Churches are no longer places where we can just not have security, and it needs to change.”

Carmine Sabia


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