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Florist followed church shooter, alerted police: ‘God intervened . . . I was scared’

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Much of the credit for the speedy capture of Dylann Roof, the alleged shooter at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, can be placed on the eagle eyes — and prayers — of florist Debbie Dills.

“I went to bed with it on my mind last night,” Dills told local Fox station WBTV. “For some reason I just, I mean, I had those people on my mind. I couldn’t imagine their families and how they were feeling.”

Dills said she was praying for the nine victims of the massacre and their families when she spotted the alleged gunman driving a black Hyundai the following morning, a sighting she call divine intervention.

“I [saw] the back of his head and then I seen that bowl and said, that hair,” she recalled. “He was just a young man driving that car. He wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary, he wasn’t speeding or anything.”

Then she spotted the South Carolina license plate with the Confederate flag.

“I got sick, you know? I got nervous. I got anxious.”

Dills wasn’t sure what to do — so she called her boss, Todd Frady, who in turn alerted the police.

Dills continued following Roof until the police arrived and took him into custody.

“I’m no hero, I was scared, I was scared,” Dills told the station. “I told Todd, I tell you what, If something happens here, if this man gets out and shoots me, I’m going to be in glory with my brothers and sisters in Christ that left here.”

Watch the full Dills interview:

Watch the full interview via WBTV:\

Watch the full Dills interview via WBTV.

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