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Black man goes on epic rant against white liberals who used massacre to ‘fuel racism’

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A man who describes himself as an “Indo-Creek/African-American Libertarian” blasted “white liberals” for fueling the fires of racism in an epic rant.

Eric July posted the video on his Facebook page Thursday. In it, he slams white liberals for trying to push the idea that alleged shooter Dylann Roof, who police say shot and killed nine black people in a Charleston, South Carolina, church, somehow represents the feelings of most white people.

Instead of using the shooting to bring togetherness, white liberals “right on cue” took to the airwaves and social media to push an agenda of division.

Hillary blames Donald Trump for mass shooting at church; what, it’s not Bush’s fault?

You fuel racism!” July shouts in the video. “Rather than try to stomp out the fire of racism, you fuel racism.”

He said that even though most white people, and everyone else, hate what Roof did, white liberals are using it to further their own political narratives.

“Rather than use this as a tool to say, ‘Hold up, maybe racism ain’t alive as we think it is,’ rather than use this as a situation to say, ‘All right, let’s unify, let’s be together because this is crazy,’ these white liberals would rather fuel racism,” he said. “Shut the hell up. You don’t speak on my behalf.”

Well said.

h/t: Right Scoop.

Carmine Sabia


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