Ann Coulter couldn’t stomach latest news in Brian Williams’ scandal, and boy did she make it clear!

NBC News’ disgraced anchor Brian Williams, now off the air, sounded more like a weaseling politician than a serious newscaster during his Friday morning interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer.

Only instead of saying, “I was for the bill before I was against it,” he told Lauer he had told the story of his time in Iraq correctly before he started telling it “incorrectly.”

“Was it conscious, Brian?” Lauer asked. “Because let’s go back to January, when you went on “[NBC] Nightly News” and you recounted a story about a military veteran who played a role in a harrowing chopper ride you took while covering the Iraq war. And you told the story, you had told some versions of it in the past in other venues. Did you know it was not true?”

“I told the story correctly for years before I told it incorrectly,” said Williams. “I was not trying to mislead people. That, to me, is a huge difference here.”

Huh? So, the lies are OK because he started out telling the truth?

Earlier this week, network executives announced that Williams would be returning to the NBC News family — but not in his previous cushy job as anchor of the “NBC Nightly News” — he’ll be going to the network’s propaganda-ridden bargain basement known as MSNBC.

When news of Williams’ new position hit the streets Thursday, conservative columnist and author Ann Coulter wrapped the situation up in a perfectly composed tweet:

The tweet earned the attention of Coulter’s usual crop of haters, but also earned lots of praise:

And then there was this:

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