David beats Goliath! Tiny church wins Supreme Court victory against government limiting signs

A small church in Arizona stood up to government discrimination and won a Supreme Court decision Thursday against local officials seeking to limit signs posted by the […]

Former Secret Service agent : All church members need to ‘prepare to defend themselves’

As sad as the thought is, it may be time for churches, typically welcoming and open to everyone, to employ armed security to keep their congregations safe. […]

Bill Ayers turns a few heads with his assessment of Charleston killings

American-grown terrorist and Obama friend Bill Ayers took to Twitter on Friday to blast the killings in Charleston, South Carolina, and label them as — wait for it […]

Van Jones calls on media to push ‘white racist’ terrorist like they do ‘Muslim’ terrorist

While Americans need voices of healing in the wake of the Charleston church shooting, many liberals have something else in mind. Former Obama adviser and CNN contributor […]

Church ‘killer’s’ sister reported brother to FBI, cancelled plans to be married on Sunday

There is another set of victims of 21-year-old alleged Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof — his own family. It was Roof’s sister, Amber Roof, 27 who reported […]

Study shows American dads portrayed as ‘bumbling’ morons not ‘patriotic’ or ‘heroic’

With Father’s Day around the corner, don’t look to television for an accurate portrayal of the typical American father. TV thinks dads are dumb. An in-depth study […]

Obama’s ‘limitless faith’ in us turns out to have limits: He’s failed, and it’s your fault!

When Barack Obama accepted the Democratic presidential nomination in June 2008, he talked about it being a moment “when the rise of the oceans began to slow […]

Obama makes colossal Freudian slip in Hollywood fundraiser speech!

Mr. President, meet Sigmund Freud. President Barack Obama made a slip of the tongue at a Hollywood fundraiser Thursday night when he implied he was a prison […]

Hillary blames Donald Trump for mass shooting at church; what, it’s not Bush’s fault?

ABC US News | World News Is Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to blame for the mass shooting at a church in South Carolina, this week? Believe […]

Leave it to MSNBC to try to tie Confederate flag to Charleston shooting

TheThe shooting at the Charleston, South Carolina, church that took the lives of nine people has reignited a debate over the state’s flying the Confederate flag, and […]

Crazy man threatens black church one day after Charleston massacre; off-duty cop stops him cold

Incredible as it may seem, just one day after nine people were shot in a black church in Charleston, South Carolina, worshipers at another black church in […]

Black man goes on epic rant against white liberals who used massacre to ‘fuel racism’

A man who describes himself as an “Indo-Creek/African-American Libertarian” blasted “white liberals” for fueling the fires of racism in an epic rant. Eric July posted the video […]

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