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Wealthy, white Hillary tells largely black crowd she’s just like they are

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Channeling her inner-Rachel Dolezal, 2016 Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton told a predominantly African-American crowd that she is just like them.

Speaking in Santee, S.C., Clinton talked about equality in education and civil rights, suggesting that she — a white woman of almost breathtaking wealth — has something in common with the audience, WIS 10 reported.

Photo Credit The Times and Democrat – Larry Hardy

“Most of the people in this room, including me, were not included in the Constitution in the beginning, am I right?” she asked.

The folks in attendance ate it up.

It was blatant pandering from a candidate who understands that her success depends on black voters turning out at the same clip as they did for President Obama.

And a furtherance of the liberal belief that the Constitution — seen as a hinderance to the “progressive” agenda — is the product of rich, white men, many of whom once owned slaves.

As for pandering, Clinton made it clear to the largely black audience that, if elected, she will advance Obama’s policies, according to WLTX.

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“I’m absolutely convinced it’s going to take all of us to continue the work that President Obama has done,” she said. “To build on the work that he and my husband, the other two-term Democratic president, did for our country.”

Surprisingly, the candidate took questions from the audience, according to WIS 10.

Not so surprisingly, she did so only from a select group at the front of the room, which included plenty of elected officials.

In other words, the Q&A session was carefully scripted, as most Clinton campaign productions are.

Tom Tillison


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