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Key figure in McKinney pool controversy describes living a nightmare

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At least one woman who found herself in the center of the McKinney, Texas, pool party melee is still living the nightmare of the day’s events – with no end in sight.

“I’ve been targeted and forced to face unspeakable threats against myself, my innocent children and grandchildren, and other members of my family,” Tracy Carver-Allbritton said Tuesday in the first meeting with reporters since the incident.

She was flanked by her attorney – nationally known civil rights attorney Gloria Allred – and a longtime black friend, Aaron Clark, during the Los Angeles interview.

Earlier this month, a social media campaign was launched to identify the “white woman” seen in a video who looked to be defending her friend against a young black woman who was pulling her hair.

After Allbritton was identified, a witch-hunt began to ruin her life.

Allbritton said she and her children have had to go into hiding, but she emerged Tuesday to give her emotional account of the events that led to the 25-second video that got her suspended from her job, and forced her and her family underground.

“By the time our security officer arrived for his scheduled shift, the pool had been overtaken by unruly teenagers and young adults,” Allbritton said.

Allbritton has been a resident who pays dues to use the Craig Ranch North Community Pool for 11 years, CBS reported. She said everyone is required to show their key cards to enter the area.

Allbritton brought her two children, grandchild and a visiting friend with her the day of the confrontation, but decided to leave when tension on scene started to escalate.

“People whom I did not know were shouting at us through the gate while we were trying to exit,” she recalled. “Once I was able to get out of the gate, a teen was screaming racist slurs at my visiting friend and me.”

“My friend’s hair was grabbed and she was pulled to the middle of the street. My kids were screaming and traumatized,” she said.

“I walked out to diffuse the fight and did just that. I did not beat anyone, nor did I use racial slurs of any kind.”

The following video shows the incident:

Allbritton insists she is a “woman of God” and is a “humanitarian in every sense of the word.” And said the fact that she’s had to relocate her family for their safety has made her physical ill.

“I pray that something good comes from this,” she said.

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