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Young boys, 10, 11 rush into a burning home to save babies

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Two young boys are being hailed as heroes after rushing into a burning home to save two babies.

Isaiah Francis, 10, and his 11-year-old friend Jeremiah Grimes told the WOFL Orlando they smelled smoke while they were playing video games and realized the neighbor’s house was on fire.

“So we ran over there as fast as we could, and the dad was outside trying to find water,” Francis said. “We asked him if there were any kids in there, and he said, ‘Yes!’ We said, ‘Where?’ He said, ‘In the kitchen!'”

With that, the boys leaped into action, running into the home to rescue the children.

Isaiah said when they got inside they could see the flames were creeping closer to the babies.

“It was really close to the babies, because it started by the couch,” he told WOFL.

“I grabbed the infant, and Isaiah grabbed the one-and-a-half year old,” Grimes said.

The little heroes said they were scared, but did what they had to do.

“Mostly, it was just dark. You could see black and orange flames everywhere, and I was kind of scared of doing that,” Grimes said.

“I was scared, but got through my fear and went into the fire,” Francis added.

Jeremiah called 911 who arrived to the scene and rescued two more children.

Carmine Sabia


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