Video: Wild fight in Subway restaurant sends brawlers through front window

A video capturing a wild brawl at a Subway restaurant in Maryland is going viral because of the vicious actions of one of the combatants.

A man identified as Jonathan Tyler Pugh got into a fight with an unidentified man, and left that man covered in blood after he shoved him through a plate-glass window at the store, according to the New York Daily News.

*Caution: Violent Content

Pugh, 26, and the other man began arguing in line, when suddenly that man is seen on video launching himself headfirst at Pugh, striking him with a violent headbutt.

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But the blow only energized Pugh, who began licking his fingers while gesturing to the man to bring it.

They begin fighting, and Pugh starts shoving the man backwards. With a full head of steam, he shoves him right through the exterior window.

Photo Credit New York Daily News

The man can be seen with blood pouring from his head, as a police office on the ground below catches him. At the same time, an officer appears inside the restaurant to corral Pugh.

Police said the unidentified man was “uncooperative,” and eventually left the scene, according to the Daily News.

Pugh was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, destruction of property and disturbing the peace.

Tom Tillison


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