Video: Here’s how submissive police are becoming – is this what we want?

A video capturing an exchange between a New York Police Department officer and a Hispanic man on a subway platform is a good indication of how submissive cops are becoming in America.

Or it’s a sign of an ineffective officer who failed to respond after the man threatens him while mentioning an AK-47.

The unidentified man is engaged in a spirited argument with the cop over some incident involving his younger sister.

But instead of the officer barking orders, it’s the suspect.

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“Don’t get any near to me,” the man tells the cop in broken English. “This is what happens to police, because you lie.”

“You should be afraid,” he tells the officer as he walks away. “”When you see the AK…”

Ironically, the person recording the incident responded with more indignation than the officer who was threatened. The video ends at that point, but it appears the officer let the man walk away.

Tom Tillison


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