Harris-Perry gets brutally chastised for stupid Dolezal interview: ‘All skinfolk aint kinfolk’

When a woman pretending to be a journalist interviewed a white woman pretending to be black Tuesday night, the only thing real was the outrage viwers vented onto social media afterward.

MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry sat down with Rachel Dolezal, the faux black woman who was president of the Spokane, Wash., NAACP, apparently to get an idea of why Dolezal lied to her colleagues and her country about being a Caucasian.

Instead, the majority of the women’s conversation focused on Dolezal’s “hair journey,” that’s literally what Harris-Perry called it.

‘Dreams of my Fake Black Father’: Dolezal gets help titling her memoir.

But it was Harris-Perry’s talk with Chris Hayes after the interview that really set Twitter on fire.

“I didn’t experience from her any malice of any kind,” she told Hayes. “There were moments when I thought, ‘OK, that’s not how I see the world’. But honestly, I have lots of different conversations with many different people when I see the world quite differently than them.”

“What I experienced from her more than anything was a deep sense of familiarity. And I think that, for me, is maybe part of why I’ve approached this story a little differently than some folks.”

She told Hayes that the idea that only a crazy person would want to be black is “disturbing,” and that she believes Dolezal really believes she is black.

“If you’re asking, what did I experience across from her. It’s not that she’s holding one belief about herself while expressing another,” she concluded. “It’s that she legitimately experiences herself as a black woman.”

The Twitterverse legitimately experienced Harris-Perry as a terrible journalist. with one tweeter saying of Harris-Perry, “All skinfolk ain’t kinfolk.”

Carmine Sabia


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