Hard not to laugh at Jeb Bush slow jammin’ the news with Jimmy Fallon

One day after officially announcing his candidacy for president, Jeb Bush showed his fun side getting down with Jimmy Fallon.

The former Florida governor took the stage on “The Tonight Show” Tuesday and performed a slow jam, reciting some of his positions with Fallon and “The Roots” Black Thought.

“I’m looking forward to hitting the campaign trail and discussing the issues that are important to all Americans. And having spirited debates with my fellow Republicans about how to solve them,” Bush said while music played in the background.

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“You don’t want to mess with Little Jebby,” Fallon sang. “Because when it comes to debating, he’s a master.”

“He’s a master-debater,” Black Thought sang in reply.

Bush also “sang” about his stance on immigration, a sore spot for him among conservatives.

“We’re a nation of immigrants, and I believe everyone should have the chance to achieve the American dream,” Bush said before saying it again in Spanish.

“Hold the telephono,” Fallon said. “I know you just got back from Miami but I didn’t think I was interviewing Governor Pitbull.”

Previous slow jammers include President Obama, former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, N.J. Gov. Chris Christie and former NBC News anchor Brian Williams.

Carmine Sabia


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