Conservative asks NAACP great question: I’m REALLY black, why not support me?

America appears to have had it’s fill of the fake black woman, Rachel Dolezal, the liberal media aside, but a real black woman is wondering what she must do to get the support of the NAACP.

Deneen Borelli, an outspoken black conservative author and columnist, joined “Fox & Friends” early Wednesday and was critical of the NAACP for not supporting her efforts as a black woman.

“Rachel has issues,” she told host Steve Doocy. “She is a liar, and she is someone who has been caught in a lie. And you have individuals who are basically celebrating what she has done and giving her a pass.”

“You look at me, someone who’s a black conservative,” Borelli added. “I’m criticized, called all types of names. I’m told I act and talk white, should die my hair blonde.”

Borelli said she never saw the support the civil rights organization gave Dolezal, who was president of the Spokane, Wash., NAACP chapter.

“I don’t get support from NAACP, Al Sharpton, or Jesse Jackson,” she said. “I’m considered a sellout.”

“She [Dolezal] has been given a pass,” Doocy agreed.

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When it was first revealed that Dolezal was not the black woman she claimed to be, but a Caucasian with Czech and German heritage, the NAACP stood behind her. As the firestorm built, she was forced to step down from her role with the organization.

Nevertheless, Borelli stands as testament that in the eyes of the left, a fake black woman trumps a real black woman any day of the week — if that real black woman believe in conservative values.

Tom Tillison


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