‘Shoot a cop’ bumper sticker causes outrage, goes viral

A bumper sticker on a BMW in Virginia is causing outrage on social media for its hateful anti-cop message.

NBC12 reported on the bumper sticker after viewers started posting photos of it online. The sticker, placed on the trunk of a black BMW, says “shoot a cop” in bold letters.

Virginia Fraternal Order of Police President Kevin Carroll said the message is threatening to officers and contributes to an already growing anti-police trend.


“We already have enough trouble as it is recruiting good recruits and retaining people,” said Carroll. “This just makes it harder.”

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Steve Benjamin, a legal analyst for NBC12, said despite the concerns of officers, the sticker is completely legal.

“As obnoxious and stupid and potentially dangerous as that might be, that’s the expression of a message, and that’s protected by the First Amendment,” he said.

While the message might be legal, the BMW driver could soon find out that it is more trouble than it is worth.

“You are inviting [police] attention when you drive around with something that inflammatory,” Benjamin said.

Social media users equipped with basic common sense seemed to agree.

Michael Schaus


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