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Observers amused by rescue: ‘Close call, she almost ruined her hairdo’

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It might have looked like serious business, but the “rescue” of a woman trapped atop a submerged vehicle in what turned out to be chest-deep water brought out the comedy Illinois viewers over the weekend.

They don’t have a dry sense of humor.

That much was clear from their reactions to a video shot off Interstate 80 near Marseilles, Ill., about 80 miles southwest of Chicago, that showed a woman who hydroplaned before ending up in about the drink — with her only the roof of her car showing.

A kind-hearted passerby managed to reach the woman with a rope and lead her to the bank of the safety of dry land – so the story had a happy ending.

But the combination of the woman’s behavior, the presence of the cell phone, and — above all — the apparently shallow water any adult should have been able to navigate without a problem, lit up the Facebook page of ABC 7 when it broadcast the moment.

The video made rounds on social media under the heading “close call, she almost ruined her hairdo,” which kicked off the comedy.

If you don’t know how to swim – or even doggie-paddle, you might want to learn now. You never now when you might be on the local news.








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