NY prison escapee paints spot-on portraits of Hillary, Obama, other Dems; Twitter users find the irony

If word gets out that Richard Matt, one of the convicted murderers on the run after escaping from a New York prison earlier this month, is a doting fan of the Democrat party it could be a little embarrassing.

It turns out Matt is a talented artist and one of his favorite subjects to paint seems to be progressive politicians.

Syracuse reporter, Alex Dunbar discovered part of Matt’s art collection, which includes paintings of Barack Obama, and Hillary and Bill Clinton.

Matt has been sending his pictures to ex-inmate John Mulligan, a man he befriended while in incarceration. Mulligan shared the paintings with CNY Central News to try and show a softer side of Matt.

Mulligan seemed particularly impressed by Matt’s portrait of Hillary.

“I think he captured her… the look that she has,” he said.

Interesting indeed!

To be fair, Matt also produced paintings of numerous celebrities, as well as progressive politicians, but in today’s world, there’s really not much difference.

Not a bad idea!

Oh, but there’s more:

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