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Fox News’ Ed Henry visibly angry at Hillary’s freeze-out, while she answered Dem-friendly media

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When Hillary Clinton finally faced reporters again at a news conference Monday, she turned to her trusted lapdogs at MSNBC and the Democrat-friendly Washington Post and AP, but froze out Fox News’ Ed Henry – the guy who practically forced the news conference in the first place.

Hillary ended the news conference with an imperious wave of her hand, leaving Henry only a few feet away but unable to ask get a response to a question about how she feels about a recent poll that showed most Americans don’t trust her.

The really frustrating thing for Fox is that Henry is one of the few reporters on the Hillary beat to have badgered the Entitled One to take reporters’ questions in the first place.

He interrupted one of her staged “everyday Americans” meeting in May to ask when she would meet with the media.

Like the royalty she considers herself to be, she said she would give the idea “due consideration.” On Monday, Hillary made him pay for the impertinence.

She disdained taking Henry’s questions about her honesty.

They were only coming from a commoner, anyway.


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