Cali couple transforms drought-stricken lawn into well-loved patriotic display

A resourceful couple are making the most of the California drought: They painted their little piece of scorched earth as an American flag.

Claudia Decker and her husband haven’t watered their lawn since San Jose’s harsh water restrictions were put in place in January, CBS San Francisco reported.

Residents in the area are tired of looking at their brown lawns, but instead of painting it green as others have reportedly done, the Deckers took the patriotic route and opted for red, white and blue instead.

It took the Deckers 15 cans of spray paint and a day’s worth of work to get the job done, according to CBS San Francisco. Their lawn was completely transformed into a waving flag just in time for Flag Day and the Deckers are hoping it will last through the Fourth of July.

As far as their neighbors are concerned – they seem to love it.

“They have asked how to do it,” Decker told CBS. “They said, ‘are you going to do it for our lawn? Can you maybe come over and show us?’”

Sounds like the Deckers could get a little side business going out of their resourceful idea as well.

Now that would be truly American.

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